Product Portfolio - Galectin Modulators

Galectins or galactoside binding lectins are a group of proteins, which have been shown to be involved in many disease processes. Galecto Biotech is based on the founder’s in-depth knowledge of galectins from more than 10 years of research in the area.

Galecto Biotech has developed a series of galectin modulators, which have shown promising effects in several disease models, including fibrosis, inflammation and cancer.

product pipeline

A broad product portfolio suited for many indications

Galecto Biotech’s galectin modulators exchibit diverse specificities and potencies towards the different members of the galectin family. The portfolio includes both activators and inhibitors of galectins. Galecto Biotech is currently further expanding the portfolio and demonstrating activity of the drugs in different animal models of human disease.

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