Ulf Nilsson, PhD

Ulf J. Nilsson, PhD, is a professor in organic chemistry at Lund University, Sweden. He has more than twenty year of experience in organic and medicinal chemistry and has pioneered the field of developing small-molecule galectin inhibitors. He is the author of more than 90 original scientific publications and an inventor on more than 10 patents.

Hakon Leffler, MD PhD

Hakon Leffler is an expert in glycobiology and immunology. He serves as professor at Division of Microbiology, Immunology and Glycobiology at Lund University, Sweden. Dr. Leffler was among the first discoverers of the galectin family of proteins during his tenure at University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Leffler holds an MD and a PhD.

Tariq Sethi, B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D., FRCP

Professor Sethi is Head of Respiratory Medicine Kings Health Partners / Kings College London and was previously Professor of Respiratory and Lung Cancer Biology at the University of Edinburgh.
He was educated at Cambridge and London Universities followed by junior hospital jobs in London. He gained a PhD at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund London and was subsequently appointed lecturer in Medicine at Edinburgh University. As an MRC Travelling Fellow, he worked at the Scripps Research Insitute California, returning to Edinburgh as a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Leave Fellow.
His research interests are on the interaction between inflammation and lung cancer, focusing on the regulation of proliferation and apoptosis by growth factor and integrin mediated signalling. He is an author of numerous scientific papers and has edited books on lung cancer. Professor Sethi is also on the editorial board of THORAX.

Hans T. Schambye, MD PhD


Hans Schambye is a seasoned biotech entrepreneur with extensive experience in drug discovery and development. Previously, Dr. Schambye served as the Chief Executive Officer of ReceptIcon from 2006 to 2009 and as the CEO of Gastrotech Pharma A/S from 2004 to 2006. Before joining Gastrotech, Dr. Schambye was Director of Biology and Pharmacology and Head of Portfolio Management at Maxygen, a US biotech company. Dr. Schambye has co-founded several biotech companies, including ProFound Pharma A/S, a Danish biotech company, which was acquired by Maxygen in 2000. Prior to this Dr. Schambye had a successful research career at Stanford University and Copenhagen University within the field of receptor biology. Dr. Schambye holds an MD from Odense University and a PhD in Medical Sciences from Copenhagen University.

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